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We are so confident in our repairs, that we give you a Lifetime Guarantee.

About us

Paul’s Panel Shop is a specialist smash repair busines servicing the Berwick community since 1971. We work tirelessly to support our customers and community and our expert team will support you through this entire process and getting you back on the road.

We are accredited repairers and members of the VAAC – Victorian Automotive Chamber Of Commerce. We only use genuine manufacturer parts and our repair work is backed by a lifetime warranty. We have developed our Qr Code to support you through this stressful period. We will handle everything from the Insurance Claim, Tow Truck to organising a loan vehicle.

All you need to do is simply fill out the form and send it through to us and we take care of everything from there. If you can include your Insurance Claim number that’s great otherwise we can talk you through what your legal rights are and how to deal with your insurance company. Our phone number is linked to this Qr Code so please contact us and we will help guide you through this process. We look forward to supporting you and repairing your vehicle to its pre – accident condition.

What do I need in order to make a claim?

When making a claim, you will need the following information:

Record the other driver’s details.

Your insurer will need their name, address and phone number as well as the registration number of the car they were driving.

Make notes
at the scene.

Write a brief summary of what took place as soon as possible after the accident. Accounts that are recorded immediately after an incident are called “contemporaneous evidence” and they hold a lot of weight in court.

Ask witnesses for their contact details..

If possible, ask any witnesses present to also jot down their description of what happened
at the time of the accident.

Take photos of the scene.

Pay particular attention to not only the damage your vehicle sustained, but the final resting positions of all the cars involved, any skid marks and damage to surrounding objects such as traffic lights. Add GPS tags to your photos if you have the option.

Submit any footage of the event..

If you have a dash-cam recording of the accident, this will also be very valuable for your insurer.

Choice of repairer

Why choose your own repairer?

It’s your vehicle and you should be free to choose who repairs it in the event of an accident. Most motorists would agree with this statement. Unfortunately, for many, this may not be the reality. Having a ‘choice of repairer’ option in your vehicle insurance policy is important if you want more say in who repairs your car. Being able to choose your repairer can have many benefits. With your repairer you’ll have peace of mind knowing they will care for you and your vehicle.

Some benefits of choosing your own repairer:

You can use a specialist repairer. Choice of repairer is important for owners of any car, make and model, and using a specialist repairer can give you peace of mind about how your car is being repaired expertly.

Your car deserves quality repairs. Your chosen repairer will ensure to quote on every damaged component on your vehicle, including the bits you can’t see.

You can choose local. Being able to choose a repairer close to home may save travel and time. Having your car repaired locally may also create local jobs in your community.

You won’t be just a number. Insurance companies are often large corporate institutions that may not view you or your vehicle individually. If you allow your insurer to control who repairs your car, you could wait longer than necessary, and your repairs may not be what you expected. Should you feel you’re being treated like a number, choose ‘choice of repairer’ and regain control of your vehicle options.

VACC campaigns on behalf of vehicle repairers and motorists to ensure transparency and freedom of choice in the panel repair industry. In 2021 the Chamber launched a multi-media campaign that aims to raise motorist awareness on the importance of choice of repairer. Your car, your choice engages motorists in Victoria and Tasmania by offering up the chance to win one year’s free comprehensive car insurance, while using the opportunity to educate entrants on the reasons they should choose who repairs their vehicle in the event of an accident.


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